Westlake City Council Notes

Notes from the Westlake City Council meeting, Oct. 15, 2020:

Salary Freezes for City Leadership:

In solidarity with those in hardship due to Covid-19, the Westlake City Council unanimously approved salary freezes: a 5-year freeze for the Council’s members, a 2-year freeze for the mayor, and a 2-year freeze for the law director’s base compensation.

Council members will receive a 2% increase in salary in 2021, then the freeze goes into effect; there is no corresponding salary increase for the mayor or the law director.


Trick-or-treating in Westlake will be held on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 pm. Westlake will follow the Ohio Department of Health’s safety recommendations for celebrating Halloween. They can be found on the city’s website at: bit.ly/344PK1S.

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