Westlake CSO retires after 40 years of police service

Westlake Community Service Officer Rodney Stemen, center, with Mayor Dennis Clough and Chief Kevin Bielozer. Photo by Robert Rozboril

After 40 years of service to the Westlake Police Department, Community Services Officer Rodney Stemen made the tearful decision to retire.

Westlake Mayor Dennis M. Clough and Chief Kevin Bielozer spoke glowingly of Stemen's work as an auxiliary officer and a CSO over his career during a small retirement ceremony on Friday, Oct. 29. Mayor Clough recalled first meeting Stemen as a candidate for City Council in the early 1980s. Chief Bielozer noted that Stemen was a formidable opponent during a past defensive tactics training exercise.

Stemen reflected on some of his cherished memories from his four-decade career with the city, including one instance near Christmas time when he purchased a tire for a mother whose car was in need of repairs that she could not afford. He said he believes there is good in everyone and that philosophy motivated him to strive to engender goodwill with everyone he encountered.

Robert Rozboril

I handle Public Relations matters and website content for the City of Westlake.

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Volume 12, Issue 21, Posted 9:29 AM, 11.03.2020