Bay Village students share their favorite traditions

For the Observer's annual last-issue-of-the-year feature, students from Mrs. Julie McArn’s first-grade class at Normandy Elementary in Bay Village share favorite family traditions.

Christmas at the Tree Farm
Well, the second to the last day of November, we go to friends and eat bagels and have a brunch. Then we go cut down our trees. When we get back to our house, we get dinner, eat it then we decorate the tree. We call it a tree decorating party. I love it!
– Alice F., Bay Village

Snow is Falling on the Best Family!
Every year we always go to Crocker to see the lights. Don’t you think they are pretty? My family does! My favorite part is going in the big snow globe and getting my picture taken with my sister. It’s so fun!
– Olivia A., Bay Village

Christmas at Grandparents
My family always goes to our grandma and grandpa’s house a couple of days before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we go to my cousins. My sister Lynn and I love to go there! We eat dinner and then we get to help make the fruit punch. It is really good. You would love it!
– James S., Bay Village

The Day That is Christmas
Every year at Christmas, we see our aunt and uncle and our two cousins. We eat Christmas dinner and open presents we got for each other. It’s not on Christmas Day because we want to be with Santa. They go home to have Santa come to their house and then he comes to our house. It is so much fun.
– Lauren B., Bay Village

Christmas Eve
We open our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. It’s great.
– Stella D., Bay Village

So Many Christmas Trees
Every year, we go with Mimi and Papa to cut down a tree. They live really far away. We pick our tree, then we tie it to the roof of our car. When we get it home, we decorate it with LOTS of ornaments. Mimi and Papa help us do all the work. Did you know that one time when I was 3, our tire popped on the way home with our tree? It was okay, the tree stayed on the roof.
– Bobby A., Bay Village

Lights on the House
Every year me, my dad, and mom decorate inside then we go outside and put up all the lights. We have hundreds and thousands of lights! You should drive by my house and look at all of them. You would say, WOW! When we are done, we stay up late and watch a movie.
– James K., Bay Village

The Christmas Express
Did you know that I was an Elf for Santa on the Polar Express? Me and my family got to be elves when my sister was in Scouts. Our job was to wave at the people when they came to ride the train. I want to do it again!
– Gracie P., Bay Village

Baking Christmas Cookies
On Christmas, we always make cookies with grandma and grandpa and friends. This year, we are going to do it on Zoom at the same time. The WHOLE family will be on Zoom making cookies!
– Kenzie K., Bay Village

A PJ Christmas
Every Christmas, we open presents in our pjs.
– Evelyn M., Bay Village

Visiting Family
Every Christmas, my aunts, uncles and cousins have a BIG Christmas Party on December 12th. We open presents from my cousins. We stay for two days with my grandma and grandpa in Columbus.”
– Ben L., Bay Village

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