A prescription guaranteed to work miracles

New Year’s resolutions? Mine will be an easy one to achieve.

I have now lived a number of years at Vitalia Senior Residences in Westlake. Having lived with seniors who are in the majority over the age of 85, I have witnessed one of the saddest tribulations an older person can experience. With the pace of life as it is today, perhaps it is best for older family members to live in an atmosphere conducive to satisfying their desires. I can somewhat accept that thinking with a few question marks.

What I cannot accept is the attitude of many families. An attitude that their older family members’ needs are being looked after and the family then slowly backs away from visits. Family and friends are the finest medications available. Visits are like free prescriptions guaranteed to work miracles.

Imagine what it is like for a resident living alone to pray and hope the kids will call with family plans for a holiday or other event?

Can’t family members recall when they might have been left alone and experienced fear and then sadness?

My resolution for the new year will be to gently probe families to visit. Simply involve the older person in conversations. Ask an opinion ... there is nothing better than to let a person know they are appreciated!

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Volume 13, Issue 2, Posted 9:55 AM, 01.19.2021