Animal hospital gives back to the community

Ptl. Funari with K-9 Cash

Vince, Timmy and Cash – the current Westlake Police K-9 Officer Unit – have been receiving their routine medical care from Dr. Greg Cunningham and staff at Detroit Dover Animal Hospital for approximately four years. They are a Dutch German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois purebreds.

The duties of a canine law enforcement officer include searching for drugs, explosives, search and rescue, finding crime science evidence, and attacking people targeted by the handler. The most commonly used breeds are the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd. Police dogs must remember multiple hand and verbal commands. Their training is intense and is never completed until they retire.

According to Westlake Police Officer Denny Funari, who has been with the K-9 unit for 22 years, the average working span of a K-9 officer is 6-8 years. Most recruited are males with high prey drives.

Andrea, Detroit Dover Animal Hospital's lead customer service representative, dedicates time to fundraising, events and grant research to assist with offsetting expenses for the purchase of the dogs. Many times these dogs are purchased from select international breeders. Andrea's effort also helps procure items like vests, training and safety equipment. You can contact the animal hospital or Westlake Police directly if you would like to donate for any of these expenses or upcoming events.

Additionally the staff also provides the same care for stray dogs and cats that arrive through the city's animal control program. Registered vet technician, Rebecca, ensures the felines are given proper care and socialization. She coordinates fosters and adoptions. Her dedication keeps the city on track with no more homeless pets and educating residents about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Fundraising and donations are always in need to help offset foster and adoption expenses to Rebecca’s feline rescue called Whisker Lickers.

Detroit Dover Animal Hospital, founded in 1958, continues to serve their clients and other Westshore municipalities with their injured, lost and stray animals even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Procedures have changed with all animal clinics across the state causing many to offer only curbside and maybe one in-person family member for end-of-life or emergency procedures.

Recent Covid-19 mandates have impacted animal hospitals across the country. Some are still rebounding from having to give up PPE and equipment. Proper care, sanitizing rooms and ensuring social distancing, even among staff, have created limited numbers of staff and visitors in clinics. Almost every veterinarian across Ohio has implemented and maintains protocols in an effort to stay safely open.

Dr. Greg Cunningham is very pleased with his staff as they continue to take care of clients, each other and provide outstanding curbside service during the Covid challenges. “However they keep serving the very best they can," he said. "The patience and kindness of clients is also greatly appreciated.”

Hospital manager, AJ, also reiterates how the staff is coming together to provide quality and safe care for everyone.

The animal hospital also accepts monetary donations and pet-related donations all year. They then allocate those donations to shelters and rescue organizations.

Please visit Detroit Dover Animal Hospital’s and the Westlake Police K9 Unit's Facebook pages to learn more about their services and how they continue to give back to the community.

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Nancy Brown

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Volume 13, Issue 5, Posted 9:51 AM, 03.02.2021