Digging Dover Westlake: Westlake Moses Cleaveland Trees, Revisited: Part 2

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  • Circa 1925 photo of 966 Cahoon with MCT in front yard from sales brochure for the Dover Bay Subdivision. Based on the growth factor for pin oaks this 41.5" tree was actually only approximately 124 years old in 1946 when it was designated and 103 years old in this photograph. Brochure is part ot the Westlake Historical Society collection.

  • 1951 aerial photograph of 966 Cahoon showing that the front yard tree was the only large tree on the property. Original aerial photographs are available on-line at the Cleveland Public Library.

  • 1976 plan which accompanied the submittal for the Woods of Westlake subdivision showing Helen Jones as the owner of 966 Cahoon Road (212-08-010). City of Westlake Planning Department files. Photo by Will Krause

  • Cuyahoga County Auditor parcel page 212-08 showing Woods of Westlake subdivision and parcels owned by Helen Jones and others fronting on Cahoon Road. In this photograph north is to the right. Photo by Will Krause

  • 1927 Hopkins Plat Book showing a section of Cahoon Road. What would become 966 Cahoon is the 17+ acre parcel owned by Katie Slaminka with a house and two outbuildings fronting on Cahoon Road. Photo by Will Krause

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