Caring for the less fortunate across the globe

We live in one of the most powerful nations on Earth, and it is easily forgettable that across the world 1 in 9 people are hungry and one billion people are still living without electricity. To those that live in an underdeveloped country, their thoughts consist of where their next meal will come from, or how far it is to get to a bathroom.

Living in a nation with so much influence on the rest of the world, we have a responsibility to help those that are impacted by global poverty. Especially from the secondary socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19.

Anybody can call their congressional leaders today and tell them to support the International Affairs Budget. This budget invests in fighting pandemic disease, implementing agriculture programs to prevent hunger, and providing essential governance assistance to emerging democracies.

When we invest in these vulnerable communities, we protect ourselves by increasing national security, creating new opportunities for American exports, and increasing potential for much larger returns on investment.

– Maddie Mulloy, Westlake

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:30 AM, 04.06.2021