New library is waste of taxpayer money

The new Bay Village library should serve as a reminder to all how bloated and ignorant our government is. During a global pandemic a town so small as Bay Village has no remorse spending millions of taxpayer dollars on something the community not only has no need for but has a functioning library that perfectly serves the community's needs.

In our technological age especially the need for libraries has been falling to record lows as we can access libraries from the tap of a phone or the click of a computer. Instead of spicing up the website or simply building an addition to our current library, politicians and bureaucrats applaud themselves by spending this absolutely astonishing amount of money on this library.

This is a tale as old as time, the idea of spending someone's else's money. We are very frugal with the money we work hard for day in and day out but the second someone gives us their own money we are inclined to go and spend that money tomorrow instead of saving it and investing it as is prudent, with your hard earned money.

Instead of spending that money on issues that really matter our town politicians show where their priorities lie – their own legacy. Unfortunately that is the direction of today's leaders, public servants interested only in their own legacies and pockets, and not the average citizen.

It is no surprise that our government is not working today, and as proud Bay Village citizens we need not look any further than our very own brand new public library. 

– Simon Miedza, Bay High School junior and Life Scout with Bay Village Troop 159

[Editor's note: The Bay Village branch library construction is funded entirely by the Cuyahoga County Public Library system, which in turn is funded primarily by voter-approved property tax levies, as part of CCPL's strategic plan to modernize or replace all of the system's 27 branches.]

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Volume 13, Issue 8, Posted 10:38 AM, 04.20.2021