Westlake Garden Club awarded grant for pollinator garden

A couple of local gardeners are spearheading a vision of pollinator gardens throughout our city. The Westlake Garden Club is sponsoring this initiative. This vision was enhanced on April 27 by the recent award of the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District’s (SWCD) Conservation Action Grant & Scholarship Fund.

Susan Baker and Deb Dougherty, both Westlake residents, started planning the project in late 2019 and early 2020. They decided to approach the City of Westlake to test the level of support.

Susan Baker’s affiliation with the City of Westlake began with her involvement with the annual Westlake in Bloom event. Her contacts with the City’s Planning and Economic Development and Public Service Departments helped introduce the concept on the City level. Susan commented that the City of Westlake and particularly Jim Bedell and Chris Stuhm are amazing advocates for improving our community.

Deb Dougherty’s involvement came via the Westlake Garden Club. Susan was sure the Club would want to be involved and Deb was glad to jump on board to provide that involvement and dialogue. It was a perfect fit!

Both women were impressed by Grant Junkins' Eagle Scout project at Clague Playhouse last year. The signage and use of pollinators were inspirational. The City of Westlake has offered an area in Clague Park for the Garden Club to expand upon the theme.

The goal is to establish enhanced habitats and nectar corridors throughout Westlake properties; increasing the population of threatened pollinators and butterflies. The use of plant signs and descriptions may assist local gardeners do the same in their yards.

Deb Dougherty

Military family, settled in Westlake OH 23 years ago. Married with 2 adult sons---both live out of the country. Native Clevelander, discovered the west side after completing military career.

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Volume 13, Issue 9, Posted 10:01 AM, 05.04.2021