First female in Bay earns Eagle Scout award

Jennie Koomar, pictured with her parents, Therese and Paul, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout after creating a compost system for the Village Project.

Bay Village teen creates green solution for Village Project

Jennie Koomar, of Bay Village, has become the first female in Scouts BSA Troop 40 to complete the rank of Eagle Scout. To receive this honor, Jennie worked closely with the Village Project to design, construct and implement a food waste compost system.

The Village Project is a local non-profit organization that provides nutrient-dense meals to those who are fighting cancer in the surrounding communities. The compost system allows the Village Project to keep the compost on site and use it in their gardens to grow fresh and nutritious herbs and vegetables.

Jennie enjoyed activities as a member of the Girls Scouts from the time she was in kindergarten. Her troop eventually dissolved, and she joined Sea Scouts and then Scouts BSA to continue her Scouting adventures.  She was inspired to pursue this rank based on the experiences of her dad, Paul, who is also an Eagle Scout.

Jennie, who will be a senior at Bay High this fall, is active in school and church leadership positions and has been recognized for her many achievements in Scouts BSA, Sea Scouts, CARE for AIDS, E-Cybermission and many other activities.

As a founding member of Troop 40, Jennie’s dedication to scouting goes beyond earning ranks, she completed over 21 merit badges, led as Senior Patrol Leader, tented in mud and snow, hiked in the rain, and biked in the heat of summer, all while maintaining a positive attitude and a big smile.

Truly, she is a shining example of what being an Eagle Scout really means! Jennie is an inspiration to every young woman who dreams of adventure and a desire to experience new challenges while making a difference in themselves and the world around them!

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Volume 13, Issue 12, Posted 10:08 AM, 06.15.2021