Charles Hublitz house, 24756 Detroit Road, circa 1924

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  • 24756 Detroit Road photo looking northwest, photo by Will Krause

  • Mailing label found on back of woodwork at 24756 Detroit Road

  • 1914 Hopkins plat book showing future 2.48 acre site of 24756 Detroit Road owned by C. Hart (should be Hort)

  • 1920 Hopkins plat book showing 1911 house on center east 15.75 acre Hublitz parcel

  • 1927 Hopkins plat book showing c. 1924 house on westerly 5.20 acre Hublitz parcel

  • 24756 Detroit Road photo looking northeast attached to 1950s County Auditor building card

  • Photo of picture of Vallonia model as found in 1926 Sears catalog

  • Picture showing identifying feaures of Vallonia model featured in "The Houses that Sears Built" by Rosemary Thornton. Not all Vallonia models have #2. 24756 Detroit Road has the characteristic cinder block foundation which looks like dressed stone, #4.

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