Be kind in crazy times

I have a neighbor that is always positive. I don't know how she does it but she always finds the good in situations. This recent storm tested my tolerance and patience but not hers, at least she didn't show it.

She had several trees down in her yard and a good size branch hit her house and damaged her air conditioning unit. She recently spent a good amount of money on her yard because her son is getting married in the backyard at the end of the month.

It looked like a war zone after the storm but she remained positive and pleasant. Most of us would be panicking but not this lady. Cool as a cucumber, repeating, "It will be fine, all is good." I was in awe.

Between storms and covid, masks, no masks, equity audits, and CRT and new superintendents and new rules and old rules ... tempers are running high. But in the midst of all this craziness why are some people able to remain civil and kind while others are shouting at each other. Answer: because they choose to. 

These are crazy times but they are crazy for everyone. No one is completely comfortable with what is going on in our town, our city, our state, our country or our world. There is so much unfamiliar happening around us.  

Some of the situations are in our control and some not. We do, however, have a choice of how we respond to these situations. My neighbor chooses to remain kind and keep moving forward. I admire her very much for being a role model and not allowing her surroundings to affect how she responds.

Thank you, M.E., for reminding me that being positive and kind can be used even in times like these.

– Colleen Harding, Bay Village

Colleen Harding

President of The Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol.   I am a member St Raphael Women's Guild, Friends of the Westside Catholic Center and The Avon Oaks Women's Golf Association.

I live in Bay Village with my husband and 3 children.   

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Volume 13, Issue 16, Posted 10:10 AM, 08.17.2021