A safe way to prevent bugs, spiders, and other insects

I know it is very popular around here for people to treat their homes with insecticides/pesticides to keep spiders and other insects out. However, use of chemicals and pesticides can be very harmful to you, your kids, your pets, and the environment.

The rule of thumb I use is: if it is killing any living thing, it is likely killing us, just a heck of a lot more slowly. Before I hear any “BUTs” ... I know when you have a major infestation of something like carpenter ants (this happened to us many years ago so we had to call in the professionals with the insecticides because obviously carpenter ants can destroy your house structurally), you need to use the dangerous stuff because the bugs are at that point dangerous. However, I can say that was the first – and last – time we have used that sort of product in and around our home.

At my home, we do not spray for any bugs or spiders. Do we find an occasional spider? Sure. Do I kill it? You bet! (My son does not, he will trap it using paper and a cup and bring it outside, good for him! I am not that nice.) Overall, I am against the use of chemicals and pesticides for any reason, unless of course as I stated above, it’s a real dangerous problem and not just an inconvenience.  

So, you’re thinking: “But I love my yard after I spray it for mosquitoes!” Or, “I love spraying pesticides around my house to keep spiders out.” Good news! A friend of mine recently told me about a company called Wondercide. Wondercide makes a range of products for use on your pet (to kill fleas/ticks and prevent them), products to use in your yard for flea/tick prevention and outdoor pest control, as well as indoor household products to repel all sorts of different pests you probably don’t want in your home.

Their ingredients are plant-based and are not harmful to beneficial insects, birds, animals, adults, children, or pets. The products are made in the U.S. and are cruelty-free. Another bonus: it is a woman-owned company! Please go on to the website wondercide.com and read the story behind Wondercide. 

Please, please stop your use of chemicals and pesticides/insecticides. Do it not only for the environment, but do it for your health and your family’s health. Stop now, don’t feel guilty about your past actions, because now you know it’s bad and maybe you didn’t before … and also please tell your family and friends to stop using harmful bug/pest control as well.  

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Volume 13, Issue 17, Posted 10:43 AM, 09.08.2021