A new school year begins

Dr. Scott Goggin, Westlake City Schools Superintendent

The Observer is proud to introduce a new monthly column, "Demon Dispatch," focusing on the Westlake City School District, penned by Superintendent Scott Goggin.

It’s an exciting time for Westlake City Schools, and the 2021-2022 school year will see us all continue our upward trajectory of being a leader in education in our area. As we embark on this foundational year, we lean on the attributes that provide opportunities for student growth intellectually, emotionally and socially.

When we crafted our Portrait of a Lifelong Learner, it was with the intent of providing the vision of what we expect from our students inside the classroom, and how we anticipate them contributing to the wider world outside of our hallways. Westlake City Schools offer our students a unique opportunity to learn with purpose, and our teachers and staff share the same ideals in providing a learning environment in support of this vision. This Portrait of a Lifelong Learner is a promise to our students, our families and the entire Westlake community. 

A Westlake student has Integrity, developing empathy and social awareness. They listen to the perspectives of others and demonstrate the ability to take action for the greater good. 

Exhibiting courage and strength in the face of adversity or stress are just some of the qualities of a Resilient Westlake student. Our students show tenacity in the pursuit of goals despite the obstacles or challenges they face. 

Westlake students have Emotional Intelligence, possessing self-awareness and the ability to manage thoughts and feelings with maturity.

An Innovative student engages in problem solving and remains resourceful while thinking critically. They promote intellectual curiosity while seeking new ideas and solutions to contribute impactful changes for themselves and others. 

Westlake students display Balance, expressing a connection between physical well-being and decisions leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Our students are listeners who exhibit understanding, formulating well-crafted and engaged responses rooted in well-researched ideas, making them exceptional Communicators.

Our students are Globally minded, exploring the differences and diversity in the world. They contemplate how their actions impact the world and people around them. 

Our students will continue with Purpose, committed to future goals and pursuing them vigorously. Their lives are a constant display of determination, and they will make decisions based on self-fulfillment. 

This year, Westlake City Schools promises to provide a learning environment that not only nurtures these qualities, but also provides opportunities to put these qualities in practice for the betterment of our district and community. 

It’s an important year for our students and we know Westlake teachers and staff will continue our focus on “empowering all students to achieve their educational goals, to direct their lives and to contribute to society.” #WeAreWestlake

Scott Goggin

Dr. Scott Goggin is the superintendent of Westlake City Schools. He can be reached by email at goggin@mywlake.org.

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Volume 13, Issue 18, Posted 10:17 AM, 09.21.2021