Giving thanks for Bay merchants

It’s the season of giving thanks: Time to shine a light on some Bay Village merchants that improve my life all year long.

  1. I would not be here sitting upright, typing without pain, were it not for one of Bay’s newest arrivals, Young Wellness, just steps away from Dairy Queen. Until I met Dr. Aliann Young, I was a non-believer in the Church of Chiropractic Arts. Thanks to her knowledge and skill I’m a convert, and always enjoy my appointments, after a brief chat with her pal Theresa.
  2. Another relative newcomer, Boss Chick N Beer, is way more than outrageously delicious wings and an inspired, ever-changing beer list. I watched half a bad Browns outing there recently and was so entertained by the behind-the-bar staff I barely felt the pain of the game. A non-Bay place right across from City Hall. Great for takeout.
  3. Right next door is Ross Wine and Liquor – fully stocked, well-organized and open all the time. The people running Ross are knowledgeable, polite, and always willing to carry a box to your trunk. Its beer and wine inventory are stellar. Every town should have a Ross location, run by these friendly gentlemen.
  4. Also open way more than it ought to be: Martin’s Deli. Martin’s has saved me at the last minute so many times (Easter Sunday! Christmas Eve!) that I simply don’t know what I would do without them. Sensible selection of everything, and featuring its legendary rotisserie chicken. Good people behind the counter. If it leaves (as rumored), my house value goes down 5%.
  5. Bay Food Mart is an essential spot for ... well, everything. It reminds me of my favorite NYC bodegas. “Really, they have that here too?” I half-expect to see a lawn mower or a rack of men’s blazers as I turn the corner toward the sodas. Sunny and his staff are super-friendly, the store is clean and bright, and open when you need ‘em most.
  6. Bay Diner is another quintessential small-town gem. Come for the delicious food and diner experience, and say hello to your third-grade teacher, your daughter’s basketball coach, and the mayor. Tucked away on what was forever Death Row for restaurants, Bay Diner is the real deal, in large part due to the friendly staff.

Not on this short list of course is Heinen’s. Those of you who follow me at know that I love Heinen’s more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Especially over the holidays, Heinen’s is truly our town square. At my house we fight over who gets to go.

And because I’m a highly-disciplined hack essayist, this particular list skips the WBVO ... because we share it with Westlake. But I marvel every other week when it shows up on newsstands. It’s citizen journalism at its finest, part of our civic glue, and every time I see the Wendells – and they are ALL OVER TOWN – I want to give them a hug and high five. Choose your own gratitude greeting, but don’t forget it.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you as we celebrate small businesses in our small town, every day of the year. Enjoy the holidays!

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Volume 13, Issue 23, Posted 10:30 AM, 12.07.2021