Give a gift to the paw!

Chloe, a Bay Village foster dog in need of a forever home, can be adopted from Golden Treasures Rescue. Photo by Nancy Brown

This holiday season remember to purchase that beautiful collar accessory for your dogs that is required by law: the Cuyahoga County dog license. 

If your pup had a current license from last year you were notified by mail to renew. They are available now at most pet retailers, online at and at Discount Drug Mart all year long. 

“Registering your dog is a great help to law enforcement," said Bay Village police Chief Rob Gillespie. "It allows us to quickly and safely return lost dogs to their owners. It is easy to do and the proceeds go to a good cause. And it’s the law!”

Additionally consider a microchip for all of your family pet members. These can be purchased at any animal clinic.  If your pets are microchipped, confirm the chip is active and current.

"Scanning for a microchip is standard procedure with veterinarians and shelters especially when pets have no other identification," said a staff member at Detroit Dover Animal Hospital.

In an emergency use a marker to put your phone number on a collar.

Protect your pets! Pet thefts and scams are on the increase. Local law enforcement and humane officers are always investigating these heartbreaking crimes.   

Please consider the gift of your time, talents, resources and/or home to one of the many reputable pet organizations in and around our community. They always need foster families and forever homes.

Maybe you can’t have a pet at the moment, however shelters, rescue groups and sanctuaries still need your help! It might be clerical, technical, transports, walking, bathing, loving or organizational skills for donations and events. You have a gift or a talent ? You can bet there are pets right now that need you! There is always something a facility or rescue group could use, inside and outside.

To learn more about how you can help locally please check with the Cuyahoga or Lorain County dog kennel, the Cleveland or Friendship APL, or local animal clinics. They each work with reputable rescue groups who will provide training, supplies and more. The return on your investment of helping the animals will be unconditional love!

Photo of Chloe:
Golden Treasures Rescue Chloe.  A Bay Village foster dog in need of a forever home. 

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Owner, Hot Diggity Dog, Inc.

Blog writer for Ohio Pet Expert

Advocate for lost, stolen and injured pets

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Volume 13, Issue 24, Posted 9:52 AM, 12.21.2021