Westlake Historical Society announces cutest pets for 2022

Maggie May

It is once again time to announce the winners of the Cutest Pets in Westlake for 2022!

Our impartial panel of judges reviewed quite a few entries to choose from, but after much deliberating, have made their choices.

The winners are: "Oliver" in the Feline Division, and "Maggie" in the Canine Division.


Oliver, aka “Ollie,” got his name because his mom believes he looks like an Oliver. He’s an orange tabby domestic short hair with the possible heritage of a Maine Coon cat since he weighs 23 pounds, is tall, long bodied with long legs and a big head. He is a lover, not a fighter, and fancies himself a lap cat; sturdy build and all.

Ollie will be 12 years old on May 1. He and his brother, Maurie, were feral kittens who showed up on the Greibling family patio and stayed.

Among Oliver’s favorite things are his pom-pom toys. He carries them around the house and “gifts” them to his mom – in her hand bag, shoes and bed. Spending time as best friend to his Siamese brother, Newton, is high on his list of favorite activities.

Oliver likes Pro Plan for breakfast and dinner each day.


Maggie May, aka “Maggie,” got her name through suggestions from family members, one of whom is a Rod Stewart fan. She is an Australian Shepherd, a breed that is good with kids and is also very smart.

Maggie turned 2 years old on Jan 18. She was found online and picked up at 8 weeks old from Port Clinton. She is a Covid-19 puppy. The Connors had a previous Australian Shepherd that has passed away, and decided to get another one as they were most pleased with the breed.

Maggie’s favorite things include chasing a ball, playing in the pool, and “biting" bubbles. Running, swimming, and car rides also make her a happy dog.

Her twice daily meals of Nutro Lamb & Rice Lite and snacks keep her in good shape.

Lysa Stanton

Lysa Layne Stanton is  the President of the Westlake Historical Society. She lives in Westlake with her wonderful husband, Dave and her awesome pets.

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Volume 14, Issue 2, Posted 10:07 AM, 01.18.2022