Garden Club Greenery

Bay Village Garden Club co-president Eileen Ernst with a Welcome planter. Photo by Julie Feagler

Old man winter gets a speck in his wizened old eye when he swirls around Bay Village. At each entrance to our city he is greeted by a splash of color, thanks to Bay Village Garden Club’s evergreen foliage tucked into our Welcome planters.

Placed in late fall to welcome the holidays, the greenery brings life throughout our notoriously grim winter months. When spring starts to wake up, Club members pull the pine and boxwood from the planters, and fill them with brightly colored living flowers and vines that thrive through the summer.

The Welcome planters are just one of the service projects the Club offers. From Christmas wreathes placed on public building doors at Christmas, to cleaning and planting annual beds around City Hall and our Gazebo in spring, and contributing to summertime hanging baskets, and providing cheerful holiday mini-bouquets for cancer patients and shut-ins – these and other Club service projects are designed to enhance life in our city.

Julie Feagler

Bay Village Garden Club

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Volume 14, Issue 3, Posted 10:16 AM, 02.01.2022