Newly appointed pastor in Westlake

Pastor Mike Martel

Pastor Mike Martel spent a life running from truth that called at his heart almost four decades ago. In December 2012 Mike finally came to the understanding that only Christ could provide the peace and hope that alluded him as he ran. He surrendered fully to Christ's leadership. God provided him with a hunger and thirst for His Word – the Bible. At the same time "God gave me the desire to demonstrate gratitude for God's mercy in my life."

As a recovering alcoholic and addict, Pastor Mike ministers to the recovery community, Primary Purpose, a drug and alcohol rehab facility twice a week, where he teaches a Bible study introducing God's healing power and teaching for those who seek change.

Pastor Mike believes Proverbs 3:5-6 needs to be taken to heart daily. This scripture is all about a relationship with God, "trusting Him with all your heart and leaning not on one's own understanding." Living this new life is about a relationship with God and not about religion.

Pastor Mike believes that the church as a whole is challenged by compromise, unbiblical teaching and an overall distrust of religious systems. His prayer is that the CrossPointe Community, 1800 Columbia Road in Westlake, continues to demonstrate God's love, grace and mercy in a biblical sound and uncompromising way. Pastor Mike quotes Camille Blount, "We're all in recovery in some way or fashion."

We are all called to demonstrate love, to express compassion, to let Christ shine through us demonstrating His hope. All are welcome at CrossPointe Community; the proud, the strong, the weak, the broken, the poor in spirit, and the wealthy self confident. God's love belongs to everyone.

Nelson Blount

Pastor Nelson retired after nearly 20 years as pastor of CrossPointe Community in Westlake August 1, 2020 and 45 years in ministry. Presently, he and his wife, Camille are providing in home care for Dr. Brian Thompson in Westlake. They are attending Parkside Church of the Nazarene. They began a non-profit "Press On!, Inc." to provide health, healing and hope through God for all who they meet.

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Volume 14, Issue 13, Posted 9:37 AM, 07.06.2022