A prayer I say is:

Peace is flowing like a river;

Flowing out of you and me;

flowing out into the desert;

Setting all the captives free.

Yet why is there no peace in so many countries

Like the Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Mali and other places in the world?

Why is there no peace in the USA, so many factions in both major political parties,

No peace in some families.

Each one of us has the duty, the necessity, to bring peace wherever and whenever we can.

Let us all work on it.

It is desperately needed.

George Ryan

A resident of Bay Village since 1975; retired as President Lake Carriers' Association; Master Mariner, interested in nature, politics, history, poetry and community affairs. He is an avid reader and appreciates Bay Village and the wonderful new library in Bay Village.

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Volume 14, Issue 24, Posted 11:28 AM, 12.20.2022