Letís make that kennel happen!

The New Bay Village Dog Kennel Fund is open for business and accepting donations to help us meet our $50,000 goal. We say thank you to all those citizens who have paid for supplies and advertising; Bay High students for their creativity and hard work in developing an exceptional door hanger and those Key Club members who will be delivering them city wide; and local merchants who have donated a percentage of daily sales to our cause.

Beginning on April 20, dependent on weather, Key Club members will begin canvassing the entire city providing each home with a door hanger. The hanger has the information of how and where to donate to this effort. There is also a QR code on the hanger to make donating to this 501c3 fund super easy!

FLASH NEWS! We have just been contacted by a Bay citizen who will match up to $5,000 of donations received starting on April 19!

If you have not received your door hanger by the end of April, please visit our Facebook page at The New Bay Village Dog Kennel Fund or send your donation to New Bay Village Dog Kennel Fund at PO Box 40163, Bay Village, Ohio 44140.

Thanks to all those who have donated via the QR code, sent checks, and placed dollars in jars at Fragapane’s, Bay Diner, and Gina’s Pizza.

Let’s get our $50,000 in and start the process of creating a shelter for lost dogs in peril that is safe, commercial grade and a solid temporary home!

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Owner, Hot Diggity Dog, Inc.

President, New Bay Village Dog Kennel Fund

Blog writer for Ohio Pet Expert

Advocate for lost, stolen and injured pets

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Volume 15, Issue 7, Posted 8:17 AM, 04.18.2023