Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

The Westlake Class of 2023 recently celebrated the end of their high school journey, receiving their diplomas. These students worked hard toward their future goals while maintaining a connection with each other that will never be broken. Whether it was banding together in support when someone was struggling or cheering each other on during celebrations and successes, the Class of 2023 has truly shown what it means to be part of the Demon family.

Once a Demon, always a Demon. That is a phrase that is used frequently in Westlake. But what does it mean when we say, “Once a Demon, always a Demon”? I believe that it has multiple meanings.

It revolves around a transformational experience. One that is unique to each student. They have all had the shared experience of growing through the Westlake Schools. Some of them since they were preschool age. They shared the same community for approximately two-thirds of their life.

The moments with classmates, teachers, and other members of the Westlake Schools have left an indelible mark on them. These relationships are an impactful part of what has shaped the students into who they are now and into the future.

In addition to the impact Westlake has had on our seniors, they have made their mark on the Westlake City School District. The fact that they were here matters.

You see, with each class of students, we grow. We evolve. Our identity is shaped by them – the 123rd graduating class from our community. The alumni who came before this class helped to shape their experience. In return, this class will pave the way for those following. This class of students matters to the history and future of our district.

There is a third component to this saying – loyalty. As this class moves forward to their next step, wherever that may take them, we hope they support each other and any other Demons they encounter throughout their journey.

Even though these students are leaving Westlake now, the schools, the staff, and the community remain committed to rooting for their success, health, and happiness. Because to us, “Once a Demon, Always a Demon.”

I want to congratulate the Class of 2023. They worked incredibly hard and persevered. The Demon Nation wishes them the very best as they take this next step toward their future.

Scott Goggin

Dr. Scott Goggin is the superintendent of Westlake City Schools. He can be reached by email at

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Volume 15, Issue 11, Posted 8:26 AM, 06.20.2023