Rebirth in Bay Village

What a fantastic summer. I don’t think there is any place more beautiful than our town during the summer. We have fabulous trees and foliage that blooms and provides an amazing scent. This year I am feeling particularly blessed to live where we do. There are so many crazy things happening in the world today. It’s important that we appreciate the daily privileges we get to enjoy and not take anything for granted.

Our kids get to ride their bikes places. They visit ice cream parlors, swimming pools and baseball diamonds and enjoy childhoods. We ride our bikes places and wave at neighbors that have been hibernating for 6 months. We pack patios and a terrific beach, taking in the days. A drive past Huntington Beach brings the familiar smell of family barbecues and gatherings.

I don’t want my article to take a negative turn but I can’t help but wonder what the people in Ukraine are experiencing. How about the families and children in Afghanistan, Iran? It makes me truly appreciate what we get to enjoy regularly, in this town.

We have friendly shop owners and managers like Lenny at Vivid, Ross at the Liquor store and Kitty at Heinen’s. We have many choices for church. All privileges that most of the world doesn’t get to enjoy.

Life gets busy. Demanding schedules take over our thoughts and minds. It’s important to recognize how lucky we are. We get to ride our bikes, sit on park benches and talk, visit our library, local coffee shops and restaurants and feel relaxed and safe.

Life is pretty great in our little town. Take a moment to think about it. We are truly blessed!

Colleen Harding

President of The Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol.   I am a member St Raphael Women's Guild, Friends of the Westside Catholic Center and The Avon Oaks Women's Golf Association.

I live in Bay Village with my husband and 3 children.   

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Volume 15, Issue 13, Posted 8:39 AM, 07.18.2023