Rolling out the new strategic plan: Q&A with Bay Schools Superintendent Scot Prebles

Supt. Scot Prebles with members of Bay High Key Club working the Kiwanis curly fry booth at Bay Days this summer. 

As Superintendent Scot T. Prebles starts his second year with Bay Village Schools, he and his team prepare to roll out the district’s new Strategic Plan, just in time for the 2023-24 school year.

It’s been a busy first year for this new Bay Village resident, so we sat down with him to find out how this year may be different, his goals for this school year, more about the new Strategic Plan and what he likes most about being a Bay Village resident.

Q. It’s hard to believe you’re already starting your second year with Bay Village Schools. How do you think this year will be different from last year?
A. For the last 15 months, I’ve made it a point to get to know this community; from the faculty and staff, to Mayor Koomar and his team; from the students and their parents, to the residents; and of course, the civic and spiritual leaders. I have listened and I have learned.

Getting to know everyone a little better has truly helped me understand their wants and needs in a school district, and the expectations they have, which align beautifully with our new Strategic Plan. It has been a busy first year, but also a very rewarding one, and I wouldn’t change one day. I continue to be overwhelmed by the support of this district.

Q. What are some of your goals for the 2023-24 school year?
A. Quite simply to successfully roll out the new Strategic Plan, so we can continue to move the district forward and expedite Bay Village Schools’ path to greatness. The district has always been on the greatness path. Now we will meet expectations and achieve priorities through a strong, well-thought-out Strategic Plan.

Our hardworking Strategic Vision Advisory Committee (SVAC) laid the foundation, our Staff and Administrative Team filled in the framework and our Board of Education created the indicators of success.

Q. Can you give us the CliffsNotes version of the new Strategic Plan?
A. Absolutely! The Strategic Vision Advisory Committee (SVAC) signed off on its work in early July, the Board of Education approved the Strategic Plan last month and now the district will lean in to honor the plan’s purpose, to Prepare Bay Graduates who are: Critical Thinkers; Creative Problem Solvers; Empathetic Communicators; Engaged Citizens; and Resilient Learners.

From this Purpose Statement, we developed Five Overarching Priorities that align with the statement: Learning, Culture, Instruction, Accountability and Community. Then our Board of Education went to work during Board work sessions to determine how to measure the success of the new Strategic Plan; each titled "Indicators of Success."

These indicators range from ensuring each student graduates with a Personal Success Plan to sharing publicly that year-end expenditures are equal to or less than forecast projections. Some specific indicators that you might find interesting include: creation of a Northeast Ohio-based database for student internship and networking opportunities; reimagined model classrooms; reducing the district’s environmental footprint; and consistent two-way communication with all district stakeholders.

Q. Where can Bay Village residents get a copy of this Strategic Plan booklet?
A. We are printing copies of the booklet, which will be available at each of our district buildings in the main offices. We will also have copies available at Bay Village City Hall; Bay Village Senior Center; Bay Library; Bay Provisions; Java Bay; and Mojo's. These booklets are scheduled to be in place by mid- to late-September.

Q. What if someone has a question about the Strategic Plan?
A. I am always available by phone, 440-617-7300, but I encourage families and residents to stop by one of our Coffee Chats this school year so I can answer questions in person. We have five Coffee Chats scheduled at different times and places throughout the city, and we may even add more. Treasurer Meghan Rohde and I will both be there, and we are happy to talk about the district and answer any questions.

Coffee Chats for the 2023-24 school year:
• Sept. 12: 7:30 a.m., Java Bay
• Nov. 2: 11:30 a.m., Bay Library
• Jan. 19, 2024: 7:30 a.m., Mojo’s
• March 20, 2024: 6 p.m., Board of Education
• May 10, 2024: 10 a.m., Bay Provisions

Q. We hear you and your wife, Leah, found a house. What do you like best about being a Bay Villager?
A. We did! We moved in before summer break, and the best part is, the house is within walking distance to my office, and I am getting in a lot of steps walking back and forth. We love the neighborhood, and we really enjoy being close to the lake. We’ve been exploring all the different walking paths throughout the city. Everyone has been very welcoming, and we love our adopted hometown. We are truly proud to be in Bay!

Karen Uthe Semancik

Karen Misciagna is the director of communications for Bay Village Schools.

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