Bay Village Women's Club contributes to Rose Hill restoration

Bay Village Women’s Club members (left to right) Sarah Urbancic, Nancy Trainer and Amy Margiotti present a check to Bay Village Historical Society President Cathy Flament (second from left).

The Bay Village Women’s Club donated $5,000 to the Bay Village Historical Society to help refurbish the Victorian Parlor at Rose Hill Museum.

The Bay Village Women’s Club purchased the wallpaper and draperies for the parlor more than 50 years ago and pledged to help finance the upcoming restoration project. The project will be completed over the winter months when the museum is closed to the public.

The Bay Village Women’s Club was one of Bay Village’s first civic organizations, meeting in February 1917 in the one-room school house near where Bay Presbyterian Church now stands. Its second meeting of 107 members was in a two-room school house on Lake Road. In September 1921, the group convened at the Library of Dover by the Lake, now Rose Hill Museum.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 9:43 AM, 12.05.2023