Westlake first-graders share their favorite family traditions

For the Observer's annual last-issue-of-the-year feature, students from Mrs. Sarah Gency and Mrs. Kate Gallo's first-grade class at Westlake Elementary School share favorite family traditions.

My family is from Munich, Germany. In my family we celebrate Advent, which are the four Sundays before Christmas. We have a wreath with four candles. We light each candle on Sunday in December until Christmas day. My mom lights the candles. Some day when I am older I will get to light them. 

– Arthur V. 

In my family we celebrate Christmas. We set up a lot of colorful decorations. We have a tree and lights. Our family comes over to our house to celebrate. We like to eat soup. Sometimes I help my mom make the soup. My favorite part is getting to open the presents and spending time with family members. 

– Story F.

My family's winter holiday tradition is to celebrate Eid Al-Adha. We eat lamb and yellow rice. We call this Mansaf. We open presents. We get to see our family.

– Yaseen S.

In the winter my family's tradition is to celebrate Christmas! We put up Christmas trees, stockings, and an Advent calendar. I even get to pick new covers for my bed. We like to eat cookies, lasagna, and cinnamon rolls. Christmas with my family is so much fun.

– William R.

My family is from the Ukraine. We moved to the United States last year. We celebrate St. Nicholas day. We get gifts under our pillow. We go to church and sing Christmas songs. We get to eat a special steak and bake cheesecake sweets. I love building a snowman when it snows outside!

– Melaniia K.

Every year my family celebrates Christmas! We have a Christmas tree. Santa visits and brings us presents. I asked Santa for a mermaid microphone this year. We like to make pierogies with my cousins at grammy’s house. They are so yummy! We bake cookies at my house. I am so excited to see the Nutcracker with my dad.

– Evelyn B.

One holiday that my family celebrates is Ramadan and Eid. We decorate with moons, stars, and shapes. My mom and dad fast. They eat during the night, but not during the day. We go to the mosque to pray with the whole family. I eat dates with my brother. The ladies dress up fancy and the boys dress up handsome. 

– Yumna S.

My family celebrates Christmas. We decorate the Christmas tree. I have a princess stocking to hang. We make gingerbread houses. We like to bake and eat gingerbread cookies. I love Christmas because I get to see my whole family. We go to three different houses to celebrate with everyone. I am so tired by the end of the day! 

– Vienna B.

During the Winter, my family celebrates Christmas. We bake cookies and make candies. My favorite type of cookie that we make is chocolate chip. I like them when they are still warm. Sometimes we go sledding and ice skating with our friends. My favorite treat is candy cane ice cream! 

– Oliver W.

My family has lived all over because my mom and dad are in the military. No matter where we are, we always celebrate Christmas in the Winter. We love to decorate the tree, decorate cookies and eat Christmas ham. I also have a stuffed reindeer that I like to hide around the house for my family to find. 

– Winnie P.

I am from Albania and moved to the United States last year. In the Winter, we celebrate Chiristmas. Christmas in Albania is a lot like Christmas in the United States. I like to help my family decorate the tree and we watch Christmas movies. My favorite is “The Gingerbread Movie.” Gëzuar Krishtlindjet is Merry Christmas in Albanian. 

– Danjel E.

In my family, we have themed Christmases. Each year, I get to choose a theme for Christmas and my mom decorates my room and my special tree in that theme. This year, I picked a Barbie theme. There is pink and teal everywhere! I love it!

– Kobi K.

We celebrate Christmas with my family. My favorite part is my elf, “Elfie.” She watches me every day, and then flies to Santa Claus at night to make toys. One time, she was on my Grandpa’s animals and another time she was in my mom’s shirt. She is so funny!

– Avery K.

My family loves to celebrate Thanksgiving in the winter! We buy a turkey for dinner and make paper hand turkeys for decorations. We pray together as a family before our dinner. Then we go to my grandma’s house for dessert and play with my cousins. 

– Judah G.

I celebrate Christmas with my family. We hang lights outside our house and have blowups. We have a Santa blowup this year. I love to eat candy canes! We have a manger scene inside our house that I helped set up. We go sledding! Our silly elf goes to different places and we try to find him. 

– Noelle L.

In my family, we celebrate Eid. We put up lights and decorations. We go out with the whole family and we go to fun places with them. I like to eat dates and olives. We have a big feast with our whole family! 

– Layla A.

My family moved to the United States this year from Algeria. We celebrate our prophet’s birthday in the winter. We have candles to decorate with. We sing with my family. We play with fireworks with my dad and brother. I help mom make couscous to eat! I love it!

– Safa M.

My family is from Saudi Arabia and we are moving back soon. In my family we love Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. We celebrate by decorating with crescent moons and stars. My mom makes yummy food that we eat at sundown. I will miss my Westlake friends, but I am excited to go back to Saudi Arabia. 

– Sarah A. 

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 9:37 AM, 12.19.2023