End of the line

The first article I wrote for our inaugural issue in 2009 referenced the doubts my dad, Denny, and I faced when launching a publication during the decline of newsprint. Maybe it was hubris or naivete – although I prefer to think it was optimism – that led us to believe we could beat the odds.

And for 15 years, we did. With the support of great writers, photographers, advertisers and, eventually, individual donors, we were able to keep this Little Engine That Could on the tracks.

So it is with heavy hearts that we announce we are pulling into the final station. Our last issue will print in March.

This is our 350th issue. To date we have published 10,868 articles written by 1,514 residents of Westlake and Bay Village. We tried something at which only a few others in this country have succeeded – a print newspaper for citizen journalism. No experience necessary; the only prerequisite was a community spirit.

We know that the Observer has made a difference in Westlake and Bay Village – by sharing uplifting news, encouraging community engagement, preserving history and providing a free medium for our civic organizations – and for that we are exceedingly proud. 

We truly regret not being able to continue on. From the very start we considered ourselves to be caretakers of the community’s newspaper. It was always yours, and we’re sorry to those we have let down. 

Hopefully we will see many of you at events and meetings in the community we love. Thank you to those who have trusted us with your words and photos, and to all who have traveled with us on this journey.

Tara Wendell

Co-Publisher, Senior Editor

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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 10:04 AM, 02.06.2024