We wait for spring to arrive in a few months, disappointed in the gray skies and cold temperatures. It happens every year, and we talk of how we can’t wait for spring to come. What if, instead of being impatient, we take time to pause, to take stock of where we are, and why. Time to be in the moment, to learn something new.

I believe that I am still learning, evolving, stretching. I am constantly searching for online classes, summits, and retreats that will provide me nourishment and new inspiration. I also look for opportunities to pause and reflect.

Pausing provides us a chance to collect our thoughts and calm our nerves. Emotional and physical fatigue can bring our bodies down as well as our thoughts and beliefs. Pausing, even for short moments, allows us to view the world as a beautiful place to be, and can refresh our outlook.

We all require rest at some point. When we pause, we have a chance to review where we are headed and what we’re doing. We discover that we can change our viewpoint and see new goals ahead of us.

Taking a break can provide us with the energy needed to go forward. We rejuvenate more quickly if we pay attention to our needs. 

When we pause, we can stop and smell the crispness in the air, look at the winter sky, breathe in the outdoors, and consider the bare trees. When we stop to take a fresh look at our world, we experience an emotional reboot. We are able to see our purpose more clearly and find inspiration to reach for new desires.

It is a chance to change the light bulb in our mind. We each need to make time for rest, for love, for art, for dancing, for singing, for contemplating, and even decluttering our space. Take time for yourself to breathe deeply and rebalance your life. It can be as simple as taking several deep breaths, softening your body, and asking yourself what’s the most important thing in the next moment and how can I best show up for it.

Taking care of yourself also helps you take care of the others you love in your life. I hope you take time to pause, even if only for a few moments by closing your eyes and just breathing. We all matter, we all have a purpose, and we all need to embrace where we are today.

Diane McGregor

Resident of Westlake since 1984. Retired RN from SJMC.  Retreat leader for Stretching Forward LLC since 2018.

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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 10:00 AM, 02.06.2024