Recognizing the crucial support of organizations in the Westlake School District

Several key booster organizations are pivotal to the Westlake City School District, enhancing educational programs and student opportunities. The district benefits from the contributions of the Westlake Demons Athletic Boosters (WDAB), Westlake Music Boosters, Westlake Council of PTAs, and Westlake Educational Foundation, each supporting different aspects of the district's mission.

Volunteer-driven and focused on athletic excellence, Westlake Demons Athletic Boosters (WDAB) enhances Westlake High School and Lee Burneson Middle School sports programs. Their fundraising efforts provide student-athletes with the necessary equipment, facilities, and training. Highlighting their calendar is the Westlake Demon Derby on March 23, an evening filled with horse racing, contests, and community spirit. For more information or to participate, Howard Thompson can be reached at 216-849-0110 or

Committed to promoting musical education and performance, the Westlake Music Boosters support and promote the arts through musical education and performance in our schools for all students in all grades and all forms. They achieve this by organizing fundraising and volunteer efforts to support music initiatives in the district. They ensure that all students have access to musical opportunities through events like "Music a la Mode" and providing resources for music education.

Bridging the gap between parents, teachers, and the district, the Westlake Council of Parent-Teacher Associations (WCPTA) focuses on educational and wellness programs. With over 1,400 volunteer hours last year, they support various initiatives, from social events to scholarships. Beyond supporting students, WCPTA extends its educational outreach to parents. One example is its partnership with the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The "Digital Dangers – Keeping Our Kids Safe Online" empowers parents with the knowledge and tools to protect their children from online threats.

Originally established over 30 years ago, the Westlake Educational Foundation (WEF) remains committed to enhancing educational opportunities within the Westlake City School District, advocating for excellence through education. Beyond offering grants for innovative projects, WEF actively collaborates with community partners to extend its impact. A prime example is the 4th Annual Car Raffle. This year's event was further enriched through partnerships with Westlake PTAs, Music Boosters, Westlake Demons Athletic Boosters (WDAB), and alumni, each contributing valuable prizes and sharing the proceeds to support their unique missions. These collaborative efforts underscore the Foundation's dedication to fostering a united community, where every ticket sold not only offers a chance to win outstanding prizes but also directly benefits the educational and extracurricular endeavors within the district.

In conclusion, the invaluable support from the Westlake Demons Athletic Boosters, Westlake Music Boosters, Westlake Council of PTAs and Westlake Educational Foundation offers a unique educational experience for students in the Westlake Schools. The relentless dedication of these organizations and their contributions are vital to shaping a dynamic learning environment for the entire district.

Abigail Stopka

Hello, my name is Abigail Stopka and I am the account lead for the Westlake City School District. I work for the Impact Group PR, located in Hudson and I will be submitting stories on the behalf of WCSD.

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Volume 16, Issue 3, Posted 9:25 AM, 03.05.2024