Sea Scouts tackle toxic algae bloom

Scouts preparing to sail off Bay Boat Club

Sea Scout Ship 41 of Bay Village has again taken up the Interlux Waterfront Challenge. Interlux is an international yacht paint company, a division of AkzoNobel Corporation with U.S. headquarters in Strongsville. 

This year Interlux is again offering grants of up to $20,000 for the best waterfront environmental project. The Sea Scouts have been studying the water quality of Lake Erie, in particular the toxic blue-green algae blooms. They have been looking into simple ways to help provide remedies.   

The Bay Village shoreline is a favorite spot for swimming and boating enthusiasts who believe the water safe since the Cuyahoga Dept. of Health tests Huntington Beach water quality daily. However there has been a 200 percent increase in days under advisory this year so far, over the average for the past four years.

As residents of Bay Village, we can ensure that we are not contributing to the problem of hazardous algae bloom (HAB). These toxic blooms can be caused by excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen flowing into our stormwater drains which empty, untreated, directly into Lake Erie.

The Sea Scouts will be distributing, via your favorite Bay Village merchants and the Bay Village Library, a brochure published by the Environmental Protection Agency entitled, “The Solution to Stormwater Pollution.” It states that, “By practicing healthy household habits, homeowners can keep common pollutants like pesticides, pet waste, grass clippings, and automotive fluids off of the ground and out of stormwater. Adopt these healthy household habits and help protect lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, and coastal waters.”

In the next issue of the Observer, the Sea Scouts will provide details on how they are providing solutions to storm run-off problems. Sea Scouting promotes boater safety, education and good citizenship to young adults nationwide through the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America  Information on joining Sea Scouts can be obtained by emailing

Richard Gash

Adult leader with Sea Scout Ship 41.

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Volume 4, Issue 15, Posted 10:18 AM, 07.24.2012