Pet Care

Pet scams

The recent the increase of pet adoptions and purchases has also brought the scams.

According to Bay Village Police Department Detective Ed Chapman, he and his fellow staff members are  currently investigating puppy scams. This is when an individual goes online believing they are dealing with a reputable breeder, give a significant deposit or credit card for a purebred puppy and the online poster and puppy disappear. This activity also occurs on publications like Craigslist. The Better Business Bureau also has been documenting and monitoring this activity too.

Detective Chapman equates this type of criminal activity as similar to the “grandma scams”  that we hear about where seniors are being preyed on. Law enforcement receives regional reports which reflect that pet scams and theft are increasing.

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Volume 13, Issue 1, Posted 9:38 AM, 01.05.2021

Microchips for your pets

Microchipped pets are 50% more likely to be returned to their owners than those without a microchip. If you are looking for one of the best gifts you can purchase for your beloved pet all year long, consider spending a few minutes of your time getting your pet microchipped at a veterinary office or pet store. The process is inexpensive and non-painful.

Microchips are tiny electronic devices the size of a piece of rice injected under the skin with a hypodermic needle. When a scanner is passed over a pet's skin, it emits radio frequencies that activate the chip, which transmits a unique identification number back to the scanner. It is imperative that the pet's owner keep the chip updated with changes and renewals with company chip is registered to. Microchips are available for both dogs and cats.

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Volume 12, Issue 24, Posted 9:54 AM, 12.15.2020

Open enrollment for dog licenses is Dec. 1 to Jan. 31

"Having a license for your dog isn’t only a law, but it’s also a lost dog's ticket home," says Mindy Natichionni, director of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. When your dog has its license attached to its collar, its assigned license number is all that is necessary for the shelter to identify the dog's owner. If you do not buy your dog’s license during the open renewal period, Ohio law requires a late fee equal to the cost of the license.

Ohio Revised Code 955.91 states that all dog owners are required to purchase a license in the county in which the dog resides. A recent inquiry to local shelters and social media shows a growing number of dogs without any identification including a required license. This causes delays in safely reuniting pets with owners.

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 9:58 AM, 12.01.2020

Car wash leads to rescued dogs finding new homes

An article published in the Observer in August shared the story of dedicated educators, their students and parents that helped less-fortunate four-legged creatures have a happy ever after. Bethesda Childcare Center in Bay Village held a car wash on July 24, raising $750 for Lucky Paws and Golden Treasures animal rescues.

Golden Treasures golden retriever rescue was able to secure and accept dogs from a meat market in China. Their journey was stressful. Some of the dogs were relinquished by family, others were rescued from packed dog-meat farms and off the streets.

A dedicated rescue group in China legally coordinated their complete vetting, boarding and transporting to arrive safely in the U.S. Several more dogs will be arriving in the next few months.

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Volume 12, Issue 21, Posted 9:28 AM, 11.03.2020

Shine bright, little Peanut

I am heartbroken to share that our beautiful little Peanut, our rescue poodle that had taken shelter in a small hole within the rock wall of Porter Creek, passed away on June 6. She passed while sleeping in bed with me curled around her and her family by her side. She was prescribed pain medication the morning before and it carried her through the night without pain, which is what we had wanted for her.

Driving home from Peanut’s service on Wednesday, we had gone through what seemed to me one of the worst storms. Once getting back into Bay Village, the storm calmed and we were greeted by a double rainbow. Peanut’s favorite song is "Rainbow Connection." I would hum it to her to help her get to sleep and it always brought her peace. This song means so much more to us now.

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Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 9:47 AM, 06.16.2020

When it comes to kittens, mom knows best

With spring turning to summer, outdoor kittens will be coming out to play, and well-meaning people may think the kittens need rescuing. Most of the time Momcat is around, and the best thing you can do is to leave the kittens to her tender care in their outdoor home.

Kittens have their best chance at survival in their mother’s care. Very young kittens are completely dependent on their mothers. They nurse very frequently and cannot even eliminate waste on their own for several weeks. Young kittens may not survive even in the care of an experienced kitten foster, and very few rescue organizations have enough experienced volunteers to foster very young kittens.

There is a real danger that un-weaned kittens will be euthanized if taken to a shelter – even a “no kill” shelter – because they cannot be properly cared for. Therefore, it is best to not interfere with young kittens unless they or their mother are visibly injured or ill, and there is no realistic alternative.

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Volume 12, Issue 11, Posted 10:37 AM, 06.02.2020

Bay Village 'Bow Wow Bingo' kennel fundraiser postponed

Long-term care provided to two abandoned dogs drained kennel's budget

In August of 2019, the Bay Village Police Department responded to an unsecured and abandoned home to encounter two very dehydrated and starving dogs. One of the dogs resembled a greyhound but it was in fact a young, male Bullmastiff. It stood in a secured cage, filled with urine and fecal matter. The other dog, a male Husky, was roaming inside the house, also filled with dog waste and debris. Neither one had access to food or water. A utility worker had arrived to disconnect utilities and when he saw the dogs, notified the police. A hero for the dogs!

Officers immediately removed the neglected dogs from the environment and placed them in the Bay Village kennel. The animal control officer transported the dogs to Avon Lake Animal Clinic. It was determined they were both young, un-neutered males and malnourished. Vaccine history was unknown.

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:28 AM, 05.19.2020

Jackieís Journey

Allow me the privilege of introducing you to my new friend, Jackie.

She is unable to speak. Jackie is a sweet 6-year-old golden retriever from Golden Treasures Rescue. Many others like her have shared a similar journey.

When I first met Jackie her head hung very low and tight, she drooled, constantly circled and panted. Jackie was not willing to wag her tail. When introduced to others she would shy away. Extremely skittish. she clearly was a breeding mom from an Ohio Amish breeder.

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Volume 12, Issue 8, Posted 9:03 AM, 04.21.2020

Tips for when your pet is missing

Crazy things can happen to make a domesticated pet seize the moment to leave the security of a fenced yard, electronic containment or home. Here are some safety tips to help ensure that does not happen, but what to do if it occurs.

If you use traditional fencing, secure your gate with a lock, signage and check your fencing on a regular basis for low/high spots and weak boards. If your dog is a fence jumper or scaler consider safe tethering away from the fence as to not cause harm to the dog, or set up an electronic containment within your fenced area. Check on a regular basis for breaks in the electronic fence lines and replace the collar batteries as directed. Use their brand battery not some inexpensive one as they tend to be ineffective or have a short cycle.

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Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 9:44 AM, 03.17.2020

Two local APLs will bring furry friends to Bay antiques show

In Bay Village, along with surrounding communities, pets, owners and strays are very fortunate to have the established pet partners, neighboring rescues and establishments that rally when an animal search and rescue is needed, injured, in distress or needs placement in a home, rescue or shelter.

The Cleveland APL, formed in 1912, is a private, nonprofit humane society and progressive leader in animal welfare.

The Cleveland APL has facilitated 5,945 adoptions. They have responded to 6,747 cases of suspected animal cruelty and rescued 1,135 animals from neglect and cruelty. More than 4,600 animals have received medical care, with another 4,324 receiving diagnostic tests and 4,909 treatment/surgeries. Over 10,000 have been spayed/neutered; 3,688 community cats came through the trap, neuter, return program. Volunteers have donated more than 115,000 hours.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 10:03 AM, 03.03.2020

Helping your new pet adjust to your home after adoption

Pet experts agree that most rescue pets, new puppies and kittens take three weeks to adjust and acclimate to the new environment and family members' routines. They also need time to figure out the pecking order in the home. If there is not one they will seize it.

Preparing your children, home and yard to create a safe environment are a must. Reputable rescues will do a home visit and sometimes require pictures of your home and yard with an online application or interview.

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Volume 12, Issue 4, Posted 10:08 AM, 02.18.2020

Winter pet protection tips

Here are tips to consider to keep both you and your pets safe and comfortable this winter:

Check the hood of your car. Felines often sleep in wheel wells for warmth.

If your cat is an outdoor community cat, offer shelter. Amazon has heated cat houses or you can provide them with a dry, draft-free shelter that the cat can move around in freely, stuffed with straw and raised a few inches off the ground.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 9:55 AM, 02.04.2020

The two extremes of apartment cat life

Life for an apartment cat can be quite boring or melodramatic. A nice quiet apartment on the top floor can make for a very bored cat, while a cat on a middle floor will experience all sorts of intrusions on their day. It may be the dog next door incessantly barking, the kids running up or down the hallway, or even the movers of another apartment may trigger an episode of anxiety in your apartment cat.

These situations often have overlapping ways to resolve themselves. The first thing you need to recognize is if your cat is indeed bored or stressed out.

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Volume 12, Issue 2, Posted 9:55 AM, 01.21.2020

A St. Francis attitude all year long

Typically in October, Christian churches honor the famous, beloved St. Francis of Assisi by having pet blessings. But did you know that St. Francis is not just the patron saint of animals, he is also the patron saint of stowaways, the environment and ecology? He was a friend to the poor, calmed and blessed an attacking wolf and his quotes are well documented and used each day.

Researching St. Francis' biography, I learned that he was an Italian Catholic friar, deacon and preacher. He founded the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women's Order of St. Clare, the Third Order of St. Francis and the Custody of the Holy Land. St. Francis is considered one of the most venerated religious figures in history.

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Volume 11, Issue 16, Posted 9:18 AM, 08.20.2019

Skipper Isabelleís dog boating safety tips

Isabelle is a well-weathered skipper on a boat located along the shores of Lake Erie. The word "boat" sends her into a tail wagging and jumping frenzy and is clearly in her mind better than any treat at the moment. The increase of canines aboard boats nationwide and on longer journeys is on the rise. In fact some families find a stray or adopt while yachting.

Canine safety and preparation are a must for the skipper and crew embarking on any yachting adventure on any type of boat.

Catamarans, sailboats and power boats are a lifestyle that many canines enjoy with family and friends. Research shows 70% of Americans boat with their dogs.

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Volume 11, Issue 15, Posted 10:17 AM, 08.06.2019

Taking care of your pet's dental health

"Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can cause, or be caused by, other health problems," states the American Veterinary Medical Association. "Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy."

Just like humans, pets are prone to broken teeth, infections, abscesses and periodontal disease. Some pets are born with bad teeth and may require quick surgery to remove puppy teeth that did not fall out on their own.

A routine dental appointment at a veterinary clinic will include blood work to ensure your pet is able to handle anesthesia, oral X-rays if needed, tooth scaling and scraping to remove plaque and any tarter buildup, and finish with a polish. The procedure takes less then an hour unless multiple teeth need to be extracted.

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Volume 11, Issue 14, Posted 10:10 AM, 07.16.2019

Boom! Doggy storm phobia!

It's a really good thing my storm-phobic dog can't read Facebook. The "boom" postings would totally send her to the moon and back!

Are you fearful and reactive to thunderstorms? Sometimes we can unknowingly displace our personal fears of storms on our dogs. Dogs read humans' and other animals' body language. Odors can be given off that we do not smell but they do, causing them to react or respond. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to be extremely sensitive and their natural response to fear most times is to flee.

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Volume 11, Issue 13, Posted 9:57 AM, 07.02.2019

What does this warning sign mean to my family and pets?

Have you really ever investigated what it says on those little flags that are put on residents' lawns after chemical applications? Or questioned the lingering smell or residue after bug spray inside your home? The consequences of traps and deadly bait?

How long should those flags be displayed? Just what does the real warning to "stay off" mean to people, pets and our environment? Were you crazed by the ants you found in the house and just started spraying or signed up for a service without digging deep into the potential chemical consequences?

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Volume 11, Issue 12, Posted 9:50 AM, 06.18.2019

What to do if your dog's been skunked

Spring brings us pretty flowers, chirping birds, and litters of kittens that come from roaming unneutered cats. Other wildlife comes out of their winter nests to forage for food and mating too. Typically this activity is at a peak in early spring and fall when the weather is warmer.

One of the most active critters that we see or smell the entire spring and summer season is the little black-and-white varmint known as a skunk. They are typically active at dawn and dusk. 

No matter their size, skunks can secrete from their specialized anal sacs for several feet a potent and foul smelling oil that sometimes can be harmful – even deadly – to dogs if the spray gets in their eyes, nose or throat. Skunks have tested positive for rabies in the United States and Canada. This is another well-documented reason why our pets need to be current on immunizations.

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Volume 11, Issue 11, Posted 10:29 AM, 06.04.2019

What is your dog's bike style?

The growing popularity of pups participating with biking enthusiasts has evolved into a growing industry in recent years. A variety of smart and safe canine biking accessories, books, websites and even travel destinations are available for the potential barking buddy biker.

Barking bikers of all sizes can now safely join family members and friends on this adventure because of education on precautions to take including the importance of training, conditioning and proper equipment.

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Volume 11, Issue 10, Posted 10:33 AM, 05.21.2019

Clean it up and be responsible

Two recent dog incidents prompted me to write this to educate readers about a couple of dog laws that, if not complied with, can lead to health and environmental issues.

Incident number one: A Bay resident found significant bags of dog waste tossed over a bridge and in a creek as he was doing yard maintenance. This prompted the resident to look back on home security footage to witness the repeat offender daily tossing dog-waste-filled bags in the creek. This person was less then two blocks from a park entrance that greets everyone with trash cans.

Incident number two: Bay Village Police received a complaint about an adult walking dogs on a regular basis during the day and repeatedly putting full dog-waste bags in a street sewer.

The Bay Village codified ordinance states: "It shall be the duty of all persons having control of animal to curb such animal and immediately remove all feces and dispose of same in sanitary and safe manner."

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 2:17 PM, 05.06.2019

Do not let Fido get you a ticket!

According to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, just under 1,200 dogs are current on 2019 county dog licenses for both Westlake and Bay Village combined. That is a significant decline from previous years. At this time the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is monitoring communities that are or have become non-compliant with keeping current licenses on dogs.

However, our dog population has not declined with dogs walking in our communities, visible in our parks, animal hospitals and other professional pet care providers caring for new and multiple pet family members.

Alarming is the frustrating and growing presence of "no tags or collar" in animal facilities and on social media.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 9:51 AM, 04.16.2019

Protect your pets this spring

Please remember to check gates and fencing as sometimes they are left open or not properly secured by lawn care professionals, heavy winds and other individuals entering the premises. Consider attaching a sign that reads “please close gate.” You can also secure gates with bungee cords (which might be chewed), locks or clips.

This is also a good time to inspect fencing and to insure electronic containment is working properly and to mark it for landscapers.

Check around your fencing for low areas where animals may have dug in or the ground has shifted around your fencing.

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 9:45 AM, 04.02.2019

Westlake Rec hosts dogs night out event

The Westlake Recreation Center's Howl at the Moon event is back by popular demand! This year's event will be held on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m. Come join us for an evening walk around our trail with your four-legged companions. We will have ice cream, an agility course, Westlake K-9 Unit, and various pet-friendly vendors.

All monetary proceeds are donated to Westlake Animal Shelter. Bring a pet food or treat donation for entry into our raffle. These items will be donated to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, who will be on site with adoptable dogs. Admission is a $2 donation per person.

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 9:59 AM, 05.01.2018

Are there nuisance dogs in Bay Village?

As many Bay Village dog owners are aware, the Bay Village City Council is conducting an overall review of the Chapter 505 ordinances regarding dogs. Consideration is being given to enacting a new classification or classifications of dogs – “nuisance dog” or “potential nuisance dog” – to the existing classifications of “dangerous dog” and “vicious dog.”

The purpose in enacting this new classification is to deter a minor animal incident from escalating to a serious animal incident. In considering this new classification, it is important that the classification be effective, while not overburdening or overly complicated.

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Volume 8, Issue 22, Posted 9:49 AM, 11.15.2016

Itís kitten season again

Warm spring weather has returned, and soon kittens born to stray and feral cats will be coming out to play in the sun. Many people mistakenly think that such kittens are lost or abandoned, but that is usually not the case. Most of the time the kittens are not in need of rescue; their mother is around and taking good care of them. In fact, trying to rescue “stray” kittens may not be the best thing for them. The best course is to go slow, and try to do no harm.

When you see a kitten, the first thing you need to do is determine the kitten’s age. Alley Cat Allies has useful charts that will help you determine a kitten’s age at A kitten taken from its mother too early will need to be bottle fed, and rescue organizations are overwhelmed. They will not be able to help you with that. Watch the kittens but do not interfere unless you are certain that they are orphaned or abandoned, and unless you are prepared to take responsibility for caring for them yourself. Your veterinarian will be able to help you obtain the necessary supplies and show you what to do. Even with the best care, a kitten separated from its mother too soon may not survive, so do not take this course unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Volume 8, Issue 9, Posted 9:47 AM, 05.03.2016

Community effort brings lost dog home

On Saturday, Sept. 19, I returned home to find Tess, our rescued Chihuahua, missing. I began calling the local police departments, and was told that she was just reported running along I-90 in Rocky River: our worst nightmare. My husband and I immediately drove to the location, but she was nowhere to be found. We hardly knew where to begin.

We hired an online company to create a lost dog flyer and send out a lost dog Amber Alert by telephone to residents in the area. Flyers would be mailed to all local animal hospitals and shelters. My husband and I walked the neighborhoods around our home in Westlake and put up flyers.

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Volume 7, Issue 19, Posted 8:43 AM, 10.06.2015

Lost cat

Anny has been missing a few weeks now. Friends of the bay village kennel ask residents to please keep an eye out for her as she has always been an indoor cat. Please call BVPD or her family.

  • Long-Haired Tortise-shell/Calico Female
  • Indoor/Spayed/Front Declawed
  • Squirrel-like, bushy tail
  • Lost from Cahoon/Aberdeen 08/06/15
  • Loved dearly by whole family (even the dog). Incredibly missed!
  • Call/Text (440)213-1017
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Volume 7, Issue 16, Posted 8:22 PM, 08.15.2015

Summertime pet safety tips

Friends of the Bay Village Kennel would like to remind residents that with warmer weather, please remember to take the following precautions to keep pets safe.

Do not take pets in the car and leave them with cracked windows even to run a quick errand – leave them at home. Do not leave pets outside without fresh water, food during the day, shade and shelter.

When walking, use soft cloth or leather leashes that correlate to the size of your dog, and pick up and move them to the lawn so bikes and others can pass safely. Pick up that dog waste.

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Volume 7, Issue 14, Posted 9:19 AM, 07.21.2015

Bay Village kennel gets a cleaning

The Friends of the Bay Village Kennel gathered at the kennel June 13 to clean the structure of debris so that it is functional for emergency housing of animals.

Due to the generosity of supporters and community, many items of need were replaced and replenished.

A big thanks to the following volunteers: Ruth and John Glasmire, Nancy Brown, Susan Murnane, Tom and Janet Kauker, and Dennis Driscoll. Thanks also to the Bay Village Fire Department for the fire alarm and to the support of the Bay Village Police Department.

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Volume 7, Issue 13, Posted 9:50 AM, 06.16.2015

Animal law expert to speak in Bay Village on May 26

Animal law expert Jeffrey Holland will speak on Tuesday, May 26, 7-9 p.m., at Bay Middle School, 27725 Wolf Road, on Ohio law, especially with regard to animal neglect and animal cruelty. The meeting is free and open to the public. Questions from the audience are encouraged, and Mr. Holland has the experience to address all of your animal law concerns.

Mr. Holland is a partner in the law firm of Holland & Muirden with offices in Sharon Center and Fairlawn. He has prosecuted numerous animal cruelty cases and represented county humane societies in 42 of Ohio’s 88 counties. He has provided various legal services to all kinds of non-profit animal welfare organizations.

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Volume 7, Issue 10, Posted 9:49 AM, 05.19.2015

The family with 71 cats

I’m a cat person. It’s sort of hard not to be when you’ve raised 71 cats and kittens. My mom, my brother Andrew, my sister Tina and I foster cats and kittens from the Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL). In the past four years, we have fostered 71 cats and kittens in 15 different litters.

My family and I will usually get a litter of kittens and the kittens’ mother three or four times each year. Most of the time, the kittens are under a week old. We keep the kittens until they are about 8 weeks old – old enough to be adopted out through the APL.

During the time that the kittens spend at my house, we name them and expose them to things that will help acclimate the kittens to living in a house, such as loud noises, vacuum cleaners, kids, cars and litter boxes.

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 9:20 AM, 05.05.2015

Westshore CERT hosts emergency animal response training

On Saturday April 25, the Westshore Regional CERT hosted a free all-day seminar designed to prepare CERT volunteers to safely and effectively interact with animals as part of emergency preparedness. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. It is a community directed program developed by FEMA to prepare a trained corps of citizen volunteers to assist first responders in meeting the immediate needs of the affected population following a major disaster. Tricia Granfors, Westshore Regional CERT Coordinator, and Dr. Frank Krupka, Avon Lake Animal Clinic, co-taught the course.  

The first line of defense in planning for the care of animals in an emergency situation is for everyone to have a plan for the care or evacuation of their own animals. Because animals other than documented service animals are generally not allowed in evacuation vehicles or emergency shelters, you should plan to include all necessary animal supplies in a “go kit” to take with you when you and your animals evacuate together. The kit should include your animals’ vaccination certificates, necessary medicines, veterinarian contact information, food and water for three days, bowls, collars, leashes, kennels or carriers, bedding, litter box and litter, and toys.

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 9:19 AM, 05.05.2015

As winter ends, kitten season begins

Now that the snow has melted, cats and kittens will come out to enjoy the good weather. Some of the cats will be friendly neighborhood cats out for a stroll. Others may be friendly cats that are lost, stray or abandoned. If you notice a friendly cat in your neighborhood that you don’t know, report it by calling the police department. Someone may be looking for it.

A stray or abandoned friendly cat may be adoptable, but shelters are usually full this time of year. The Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) does not euthanize cats to make room for new admissions; you can make an appointment for an animal surrender when space becomes available. They will charge a fee.

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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 9:57 AM, 04.07.2015

Happy ending for cat stuck in bus

On Nov. 12, Denise Wering was in the middle of her morning school bus route in Westlake when another driver, Marge Laskowski, radioed that Wering needed to check the back of her bus. The two drivers pulled off of Dover Center Road and found a tail and a paw sticking out of the engine in the back of the bus.

Believing the animal was dead, the drivers tugged on the foot. To their surprise, the foot moved. The two opened the hood on the engine to find a one-year-old cat wedged in the serpentine belt, whimpering. The cat’s right front leg and the back of its neck were stuck.

The Westlake Schools Transportation Department called Westlake Animal Control Officer Jim Wang for help. Officer Wang was able to free the cat from the engine and brought it to Dr. David Love’s Westlake Animal Hospital.

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Volume 6, Issue 24, Posted 9:40 AM, 11.25.2014

Cold weather dangerous for stray animals

Three darling Bay Village cats came very close to being victims of the bitter early cold snap that hit our area last week.

Because of the rapid response, compassion and warm-hearted residents, each were rescued by different individuals or families in Bay and all ended up in forever homes.

Friends of the Bay Village Kennel would like to remind residents to report animal issues to the Bay Village Police at 871-1234. Please remember to keep all pets safe, have identification and provide shelter and food. If you are aware of an animal that does not have the proper shelter, please contact the police or call Ruth Glasmire, president of Friends of the Bay Village Kennel, at 835-8139 for options on how to make or purchase outside housing for animals.

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Volume 6, Issue 24, Posted 9:26 AM, 11.25.2014

The benefits of coconut oil for pets

Coconut oil for my dog or cat? Why yes, absolutely! Coconut oil is primarily comprised of a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This is what is responsible for many of its health benefits.

For pets, lauric acid destroys viruses, bacteria including yeast, fungi and parasites. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent also, while supporting a healthy immune system. It can kill ear mites and when mixed with honey can help cure tracheobronchitis.

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Volume 6, Issue 23, Posted 9:57 AM, 11.11.2014

Chocolate is a trick, not a treat, for dogs

Halloween is here and with it comes the start of the candy-filled holiday season. For the next several months there will be plenty of temptation and opportunities to succumb to giving chocolate to our pets. 

I am sure you have heard not to give pets chocolate, but do you really know why? As a baker of dog treats for my dogs and owner of a dog bakery, I had to learn the facts to educate my customers on the evils of chocolate and wonders of carob. So here is the truth about chocolate.

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Volume 6, Issue 22, Posted 9:40 AM, 10.28.2014

Helping feral cats and kittens

Last month, a Bay Village police officer asked if I could help a Russell Road resident with a kitten. Responding to its cry, two neighbors pulled a kitten from its hiding place in a cluttered garage, and they didn’t know what to do with it. Bay Village offers no animal control services for cats. 

I took the kitten expecting to quickly place it with a rescue organization, but it is kitten season and all rescues were full. Then the county health department called to ensure that the kitten would be held for 10 days quarantine because the kitten had bitten one of its rescuers. While highly unlikely – the CDC reports only two documented cases of rabies transmission to humans from cats since 1960 – all mammals can contract rabies and it is almost always fatal. However, if the animal is infectious it will become ill or die within 10 days.

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Volume 6, Issue 21, Posted 10:16 AM, 10.14.2014

Join Bay volunteers in caring for distressed animals

The sweet, skinny, young adult black cat pictured here was recently found abandoned on Huntmere Drive in Bay Village. This is one of multiple cats and kittens that the Friends of the Bay Village Kennel are currently assisting. FOBVK reminds residents to advise the Bay Village Police Department of all animal-related issues.

The city's current kennel only houses dogs, which are transported to the Cuyahoga County Dog Kennel if not claimed. Cats and kittens must fend for themselves on the streets of Bay Village. If you are concerned with the safety of Bay Village's pets, please join us to ensure that the city of Bay Village undertakes the construction of a new kennel.

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Volume 6, Issue 20, Posted 9:43 AM, 09.30.2014