Scam artists are at it again!

The Better Business Bureau has reported the following scams preying on trusting Americans:

Free Target Gift Card: Cell phone users across the country are reporting they have been receiving text messages that appear to be from Target telling them they have won a drawing for a $1,000 gift card. They are then told in order to claim the gift card they should enter “917” at which is not a website affiliated whatsoever with Target, even though it appears legitimate. It is a way to collect personal info such as your address and phone number. 

Missed Jury Duty: Americans nationwide have been getting text messages and voicemails alerting them that they have missed jury duty and must pay a $500 fine or be arrested. The scam artists are then urging people to return the call to avoid going to jail. When the person returns the call, the scammers ask for personal information such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers with their goal to be steal the identity of that person.

For more information about these and other scams, visit the Better Business Bureau at

Kristi Vaughn

I am a Licensed Social Worker and owner of Adult Comfort Care

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Volume 4, Issue 16, Posted 10:24 AM, 08.07.2012