Baby bird's first rainstorm

A few weeks ago I was taking a walk. About halfway through the walk my dad told me to look below me and I found a wet, shaking baby bird. I wanted to help the bird but I didn't know how so I continued on my walk hoping when I got back its parents would find it.

Sadly, when I got back the bird was still there. After a while of watching, it a man that worked next door gave me and my  dad a box to scoop the bird into. We pushed the bird in then took it to a sunny spot. The bird sat in the box for a long time.

After a while he got dried off. Once he was dry, the bird tried to fly. Sadly for the bird he flew into a tree and fell. Luckily, when he fell he started to chirp. The chirping soon got attention of his family and they came for him.

The bird's parents started to feed him like crazy. Once, while the parents were in a tree getting food, the bird tried to get on a car but he slipped off. When the parents came back they were astonished to find he slipped off the car.

This bird got lucky but not all are. He fell out of his nest during a rainstorm but was luckily saved. I wish all baby and adult birds could be this lucky.

Kaia Atzberger is an incoming sixth-grader at Bay Middle School.

Kaia Atzberger

Kaia Atzberger is an incoming sixth-grader at Bay Middle School.

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Volume 5, Issue 14, Posted 9:53 AM, 07.09.2013