A special time of year

This time of the year brings back many thoughts and good memories. My granddaughter just got engaged to a very nice guy. She will be married in July.

She was a good baby and slept a lot. Her grandmother and I made daily trips to Columbus at that time. We took Amanda with us. She slept until we stopped for breakfast. She would have her bottle at the restaurant. She would sleep most of the time during our return trip home.

Amanda is now a school teacher and I'm sure no one sleeps in her class. Amanda is also working on her master's degree. She is one busy lady these days. Grandma June would be so proud of our sleepy head. I know I am.

I'm very happy that my children and their family members are doing so well and getting good educations. Part of that is knowing about the morals and meaning behind the joys and sorrows of this time of the year. It's not just about having gray Thursday or shopping on Black Friday. It's really about giving the gift of love and being together, breaking bread together.

Sharing family stories and laughing together is what this joyful time of year is all about.

Merry Christmas from my family to your family.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 25, Posted 10:48 AM, 12.10.2013